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Originally Posted by mopic View Post
my solution is easy. Clean car, clean shave, nice shirt, girlfriend driving, busy Sunday evening = trunk full of Aeg's. F ccra! this is a sport, we are in the right, I am tired of paying the price for irresponsible a$%holes in the ghetto who can't behave. We are not contributing to criminality or gun crime, we run around and have fun.
Smuggling = Crime
Smuggling GUNS = GUN crime

Why is it so hard for people to accept there is an effective ban against the importation of AEGs?

And why do I read time and time again in the same thread that the CFC says its LEGAL to import these?

Q. Can I import an air soft gun?

Air soft guns that meet the definition of a replica firearm are prohibited. Replica firearms are devices that resemble a real firearm (other than an antique firearm) with near precision but that cannot cause serious injury or death. Many of these devices have to be assessed case by case to determine if they are replicas.

Individuals cannot import replica firearms. A properly licensed business may be able to import a replica for an approved purpose such as for use in a film or theatrical production.

The Canada Border Services Agency is responsible for controlling the import of air soft guns that are not replicas– for example, devices that resemble a generic firearm but not a specific make or model of firearm. For more information, please contact the Canada Border Services Agency.

Provincial regulations may also apply. For example, some provinces may set a minimum age for acquiring an air soft gun.

Personally I'd love to know what "generic" fire arm is, because there are lots of Bolt Actions out there that look a lot like hunting rifles. The M700 could pass as not being a SPECIFIC rifle as there are many that are similar, there are even similarities between IT and an M24 Civi.

And Ibby's right, not a lot of Canadian vendors are looking to import anything we "want". I believe you can make specialty orders with A&A, but what and how long it takes is up to them and their "tea parties" with CBSA.

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