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All I ever hear over here is whine whine whine Customs whine whine law is unclear whine whine....

Do something about it.

I have, on average, one letter published in a newspaper somewhere across Canada per month. Sometimes, more. My MPP and my MP know me by name and by face, as I've been to both their offices. I've protested everything from firearms rights (or the lack thereof) to traffic problems. My arguments are always well thought-out, backed by solid facts, and presented without hostility.

As an example, I've been in discussions with several levels of Government over the Ontario Amunition Regulation Acs of 1994. Essentially, the law that requires all firearms owners in Ontario to have their name, address and type of ammunition purchased recorded in an insecure ledger behind the counter wherever you buy ammo also violates Federal PIPEDA law for privacy of personal information. Federal law trumps Provincial, and the Province is in violation with the Act.

Recently, they stopped talking to me about it further; people I was having regular dialogue with suddenly told me they couldn't discuss it. Why? I hit something they couldn't make dissapear and I expect the lawyers are looking at it and dropping a big ohshit over it.

I am one person, one vote, among 30 Million. DO SOMETHING and be part of the solution.
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what if it model after his?
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