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Just some very recent info (as of about 2hrs ago) I lost a bunch of airsoft parts at the border, two separate parcels with a bunch of disassembled AEG parts, unfortunately for me in one of the parcels had the receiver of a M-14, no need to beat that to death it was my fault for not insuring it was not in there!!

I was aware of the receiver being a risk, just the rest of the parts are my concern, especially the box that had all legal parts that we "all" order each day is what I will try to retrieve!

anyway, I am only sharing this as because the of the contradictions I am hearing on this post as to what the different custom people are saying, the Superintandant I was dealing told me that under customs regulation 98-98? owning any airsoft guns are illegal, and if caught with them you will be arrested, so I asked how they can be sold legally in Canada then and how hundreds and hundreds of people use them each and every week in clubs all over Canada and do not get arrested, he said he knows that but, that is the law, they are illegal replicas as far as he understood it and he is a superintendent for the lower mainland entry!

so.. from what I got from this hores mouth is, no to all airsoft and, you cant even own them let alone try to import!
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