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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Hey, they're doing the best job they can with a shitty law. I don't care much for some of them, but others I have dealt with have been quite nice and helpful.
I suppose it's rather unfair for us to only hold against them the stuff that don't make it through, and forget the stuff that they do let through.

If you want to pissed at anyone, be pissed at Allan Rock and the Liberal Party. They gave us this mess and he forced this bill through quickly before an election and the OIC and Parliament has been "fixing" it ever since.
I blame crazy people first and foremost. Their shooting rampages create both the demand for stricter laws and the unrealistic expectation that you can legislate against insanity. Criminals come in a close second.

You should look at the flip side of this coin and be happy you can at least get a gun, any gun. The CBSA could all be pricks and you (and any other Canadian) could get nothing. They can shut you down, license or no license, in a heartbeat. I've witnessed that.
And the RCMP could visit us at our games with a bunch of airsoft gun catalogues that clearly show the majority of our guns were made after 1998.
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