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Originally Posted by Zombiefruit View Post
HOLY CRAP!!! I just called flag raiders paintball ( and they said that their airsoft was 10+!!!
It's located in Cambridge for any under-agers who want to know.

I just got off the phone with Flagraider. Airsoft rules (In compliance with FR safety rules) is under the domain of the airsoft host. It is not 10+. Since I have both the office and the owner of Flagraiders on speed dial, I'm very certain my info is just a wee bit more accurate. The manager at the office/store of FR was not sure who provided you that info but will make certain that if a member of their staff was under that mistaken impression that they would correct the mattter ASAP.

Originally Posted by Zombiefruit View Post
And do you think it would be smart to but a gun, even if I can't play official airsoft yet, if only to shoot at a target in my basement?
No. The sales section and practically every retailer I've met in Canada has the 18+ policy that the community started enforcing several years ago. Please do not attempt to circumvent that policy.

Originally Posted by Zombiefruit View Post
I'm actually in Toronto (Oh, and I'm not annoyed, you guys have been great ) and I'm trying to get my dad to realize that the sport is safe if you wear proper safety gear but he's having a hard time accepting that. I'll keep trying though. Sadly, anytime my parents hear the words "Game (as in Video)", "gun" and "danger" they refuse to have much, if anything, to do with it.
Your parents reaction is common. If you do attend a game as a fact finding WITH your parents, please remember to contact the host first. depending on the game the host can be fairly busy. Seeing as it's the host's game it's their call to allow or not allow guests to attend. The experience attending and talking to the players (some of which presumably will be in your parents age range) will be benificial to both your parents ( I recommend bringing both) and yourself. When someone qouted the prices, they were a little off. Uniforms will run 100-1000+ depending on what you get, flashlights, lasers, spare batteries, etc make this an expensive sport.

Originally Posted by Zombiefruit View Post
K, I updated. I also worked out the cost of all the gear to play paintball with, but also the PPG (price per game). It would be pretty bad financially and I don't think that I have enough money. I decided to just buy a cheapy little spring pistol from I've worked it down to these three:


Problem is, I'm not sure which ones are good. The Sig Sauer shoots pretty hard, but the Colt has a laser. Anyways, I think that one of these would be great for me just to fool around with until I can play airsoft.
continuing to post these links of items you want to buy after several members have stated that even gun ownership is restricted to 18+ (that includes going to walmart and canadian tire) does not help encourage us to help you better learn the sport that you crave to be apart of.

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Just to recap, the hosts I play with usually would require your dad to play as well. For legal and other issues.
Shrike is correct in this statement. Your Father or Mother.

Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Then please wait until you are 18.

PS: We've been really nice with you because you had read some of the FAQ. However you seem to have stopped your reading. Not good. If you dont want the mean answers, sit back and read.
We've been helpful, we have been informative and as Greylocks above has pointed out, we have asked you to read the FAQs. If after all of this you are still not learning then in the end you venture into airsoft will be limited and shortlived.

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.
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