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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
Getting an airsoft gun from the states or outside of Canada is like trying to nail jello to the wall. Its essentially impossible, theres a one in a million chance it may happen, but only for a few seconds and it will never happen again.
utter rubbish..

people are doing it every day, one way or another..

To say otherwise denys truth.

The risks have been laid out... the legality or admissablitly of any object coming across the boarder from the USA or from abroad is based upon the assessment of the CBSA agent who inspects it and their interpritation of the laws, guidelines and regulations according to their understanding.

With this in mind.. and coupled with the fact that not every package is inspected the likelyhood that any one proscribed item will make it to you if ordered is unknown.

The answer to the question " can I order a gun from the USA and get it delivered?" is and always will be


The risks and ramifications of the decision to attempt it have been debated to the Nth degree... and still the answer remains "maybe"
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