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Originally Posted by Ghost_boo View Post
ok guys! I read all the 8 pages and I was still wondering. Can we still import airsoft with after all the conditions :-?
1) must shoot under 500 FPS.
2) must have a plastic body
3) must not have any trademarks that match a manufacturer of real firearms
4) must be able to demonstrate that the magazine could not be capable of being used to load real ammunition
5) must have a orange muzzle tip
6) must be declared at the border and a 15% duty paid
7) must be transported in the trunk of the vehicle

I just read someone say that its not written in any document by canada gov...
Do we have anymore infos on that?

I'm going on a business trip on tommorow and I need someone to clear up my mind please! BTW I'm going to NY and I know airsoft are prohibited there but outside of the city is allowed.
If I referred the name ''Customs Officer #13951'', would that work or not.=?
All the gun I check on the web seem to be JC g36... all platic, under 500, orange tip etc..

thank you, J-D

Ill put down 20 bucks that on page 10 someones going to ask this same question again.
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