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Originally Posted by Zombiefruit View Post
K, I updated. I also worked out the cost of all the gear to play paintball with, but also the PPG (price per game). It would be pretty bad financially and I don't think that I have enough money. I decided to just buy a cheapy little spring pistol from I've worked it down to these three:

Problem is, I'm not sure which ones are good. The Sig Sauer shoots pretty hard, but the Colt has a laser. Anyways, I think that one of these would be great for me just to fool around with until I can play airsoft.
You might as well buy these type of guns from Walmart/Canadian Tire, 'cause when you'll realise how bad they are at least you stand a chance to get your money back.

If your parents won't play with you, forget about airsoft, and rent paintball with friends.
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