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The P226 should have a heavier kick as it's not the compact version of the 2 guns. As far as I know the slides and respective internals are interchangable as they have the same lower half.

How would I modify the spring to make for a heavier kick?

and BIGMEDCIN, I didn't even know they had any guns like that, all they have now is clearsoft. Wish I had an opportunit to get them then. They told me that they will be getting the ICS and TSD guns back in after the new year as well. Let's Hope.

I have to say though that the Kraken is a GREAT gun. Very Rugged construction, it's got standard AK issues like the rattling front sight (no biggie). The internals are great as they are a CYMA CM.02 gearbox/piston. Never had a jam in the 10000+ bb's Iv'e fired.
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