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ISC M-16,Clone...M-14....AK74....2XG36C...2XJG/18C....WE/HI-CAPPA...HFCM-9. Is what we got from them this spring.

all still going strong, got what I paid for, needless to say considerable less than any other Canadian retailer selling the same items, their e-mail response normally 1-3 days, shipping 3-5 days with tracking, always got a free bag of BBs or something small (sometimes cheap crap but)

From what I understand they got their PP slapped for bringing black airsoft in as paintball,but thats is just what I heard, they told me in the new year for black ones again, we will see, since their troubles I have only bought a CO2 bb pistol (works fine) but wont look at the clear stuff (maybe the Kranken?) but again you get what you pay for, we are happy with the ICS and JG's that we got! at $100 less (JG G36C's for $270) than guys selling them on ASC or the retailers I am not complaining!! But I hope they come back with similar prices, we need the competition, being hammered in the ass from the Canadian retailers by paying double or triple for Guns or Metal bodies is, well typical I guess, anything I can do to avoid that raping I will, sorry getting off topic.

Maybe we just got lucky with the whole buy-airsoft deal?
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