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Quick public flashing!

I was recently meeting with people in an out of town game at a very public gas station, a bigger one at that.We were meeting at said gas station and moving to the field afterwards. Everyone was wearing some kind of camo, mostly people with Camo bottoms and a hoodie top or civilian top of some kind. Looked almost like a hunting group with about 10 of us gathered there. During the waiting period some people were moving thier weapons into another vehicle in order to head to the field, during this time a rifle was moved, not in a case, to a vehicle. I was almost cringing at the thought of anyone seeing this happen, and someone probably did. Fortunatly it was a bolt action rifle, which looked like a hunting rifle. Nothing came of it, but there was looks amung other players there who were all thinking the same thing. Cover that up!
Im very new to airsoft, but this kind of thing I know should never happen. I dont want to preach like ive been around the airsoft world forever, but ive served, and been around weapons alot. This should never happen, even if it was just a hunting rifle....just dont take the risk. The person im talking about was not 18+ yrs old. Not to blame the younger people, cause many claim they are responsible and some maybe are. There is no denying that underaged people have these guns. I just got into it, and I see every risk like the one I just mentioned, one step in the wrong direction. Please, you bought a $300-$1000 gun, buy a $25 gun case.
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