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At TTAC3 we charge $20 per session for games, a session is about 4 hours..

I charge $40 a session for courses that involve instruction.

I have monthly memberships set at $60 per month.. but this also includes any outdoor games held at our field.

so $60 gets you access to 8 sessions, plus a field game.. and in the winter.. 10 sessions plus a field game... so it works out to less than $6 a session... if you come to everything. ( few do)

I bundle the sessions and offer a 3 month membership for $160 ( not all the time but for limited times once a quarter this deal is offered )

I also offer a yearly membership for $550.00

For $100 a month you get full access to all FACT programs including

Jeet Kune Do
Wing Chun

it is the best deal for martial arts in the GTA.
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