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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Customs calls you? WTF?
And how the hell would you know how much the company put on. Any packages I've got don't have the correct amount (usually less).
"Well I just got back from DHL shipping facility and Canada Customs office with some information I felt is worth sharing with the airsoft community.

Apparently Canada Customs has started a new policy to survey price discrepancies on items shipped to Canada. Apparently this is to help cut down on eBay sellers, and other retailers who label their items far below the actual cost.

If you have any shipments that are sitting in customs it may not necessarily be that they are seized but that you have been the luckily chosen member of this "random survey", as they seemed to call it.

How it works: Canada Customs sends notification papers to the shipping company to hold certain packages selected at random. You will undoubtedly notice that your package has been sitting in customs for 2-4 days, and call inquisitively.

What you need to do: Print off your sales receipt, probably from Paypal, and go to the shipping office. They will give you the notification paper they received from customs, which you will take to the Canada Customs office. At Customs they will look at your receipt, and the quoted price from the shipper on the package. They will ask you the purpose of the item, and charge you the appropriate amount of taxes.

Finally you take the stamped and signed Customs papers back to the shipping company who will give you the package.

Hopefully non of you will be lucky as I was and need to do this. I'm sure its not so bad for those who need to compete with rush hour traffic. My only real annoyance is that they will not notify you within a reasonable time period, they basically expect you to call and ask why your package is in customs for such a long time.

Anyways, at least I got my package. " - Ducky, Manitoba Airsoft Association
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