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Originally Posted by ILLusion View Post
Just because Flag Raider's insurance policy allows players as young as 10 years old, it does not mean that airsoft game organizers allow 10 year olds to play. Keep in mind, that the game organizers are seperate entities from Flag Raiders, and only host their games through Flag Raiders.
Ahh ok. Thanks for clearing that up. You know, right know I think the best route that I could take would be to purchase a cheap paintball gun (Tippmann A-5 or something like that) and just play with that until I can play airsoft. I mean, I still got another year until I'm 16 and another three until I'm 18 so I might as well. Do you know where I could sell it after I was done?

Could you guys recommend me a paintball gun? They seem pretty expensive and I have no idea which ones are good. So far I've looked at these four:

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