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What's something that everybody could use in the community?
A single program/information centre/media that can be distributed throughout the province and even Canada. Sure, we have the forums, but nothing smacks you in the eye better than a full page colour add of some OPFOR dude.

What am i saying? I'm not just rambling on.
I've started coming up with a 8-10 page report or mini-magazine based on the airsoft scene in Alberta. Eventually I can look at magazine adds. But for now I think I'm just going to do a simple Word document/adobe, and add pictures and fun stuff that will benefit the community.

Now, how can I accomplish this all by myself? I probably can't.
However if I had a few people to help me out and form a core of contributor's, now then we'd be in business.

Also, in order to make this bigger I would accept most contributions or idea's to put into the issue.

I also plan on having a list for as many regional games as possible. Even half or full page adds for certain ones.

Sound off. Let me know. and if your interested and are SERIOUS, pm me.
Contributors.-Every month we would probably have a chat session for the magazine
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