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Well the last 3 orders I have done that were out of country ended up in the hands of customs, but according to all the tracking info they were in and out of customs with in 3-4 hours. Just long enough for them to recieve it and go

"Hmmm flagged person having items mailed! Yay opening package party"

*Buttsecks with coworkers*

" Doh nothing illegal, or even remotely close with in all the fake laws we have made up so we can no take this item and stick it in our bums "

*More buttsecks with coworkers*

"Well I'll just wrap this item back up as crappy as I can before I have some more buttsecks with my co workers and then send it out"

*More buttsecks again with coworkers*
*Buttsecks with sheep*
*Buttsecks with moose*
*Butt secks with coworker disguised as sheep*
*Super happy funtime all male bukake party*

Thats sorta how I see it going everytime they get a package they have to open.

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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