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Originally Posted by Aquamarine View Post
You haven't been around long have ya?

Clearsoft guns make it through. I've brought them back via air and ground, both being stopped and checked, all were declared using these routes

-Minneapolis > Calgary
-Minneapolis > Saskatoon
-Tokyo (Narita)> Vancouver

-Passing through Waterton port of entry, Alberta
-Chief Mountain port of entry, Alberta
-White Rock, BC / Blaine, Washington port of entry

And FYI, that's a fire-arm, not a simple pellet rifle anymore.
Wow, the guys I talked to must have been constipated or something. They said that if it even resembles a gun they'll take it and have it destroyed. And also tear apart my car to see if theres more. I even went as far as calling the border service and they told me there were no acceptions. That means I can actually go over there and buy the gun I want because it has a clear receiver. Mostly metal, but the lower is clear plastic.

I knew my pellet gun was a firearm. anything over 495FPS is concidered a firearm.

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