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Originally Posted by Zombiefruit View Post
Oh god no. I've never played in a random field. I've only been to Sgt. Splatters and Area-51. My parents are very strict with safety. I wasn't even allowed to go out into public with a tiny orange shotgun I had for Halloween 5 years back (I went as a soldier ).
And about the price, I know that a paintball marker is cheaper than an airsoft gun but if you look at the long-range price and add in paintball and co2 costs versus pellet costs it works out in favor of airsoft. I already have an army "kit", built up from years of collecting helmets and gear from army surplus stores. I know that many airsoft players believe that any newbie is a bad newbie but I play tactical, not rambo.

good for your parents... wish I wasnt the only Ontario host posting here. I'm still holding to my 18+ with my one singular exception to that policy. and he took two years of showing up at training days before I signed on with that exception.

Originally Posted by Zombiefruit View Post
And btw, about the immature user name; I've used it since I was little and I guess it just caught on.
Not overly concerned about your the image in my sig.

many of the players here are old enough to be your parents. and we always get kids poping up and asking if we can make exceptions and let them come out and play...

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.

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