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Originally Posted by skalnok View Post
ive heard that regiment closed down....

there is also wasaga paintball and barrie paintball( they dont like airsoft much though)
Wasaga doesnt like Airsoft since when?!?

New kid...youth, minor, zombiefruit.

read the game threads. almost every single game host in the GTA has an 18+ policy. The exceptions we do make to that policy are rare and far from normal (usually the son/daughter of an experienced and long term member of the community).

Originally Posted by Zombiefruit View Post
Damn, ok. It just seems so damn expensive to play paintball, especially with my amount of money.
Airsoft is much much much more expensive.....

please please please read the FAQs, read the game threads for southern ontario, read the

Originally Posted by Zombiefruit View Post
Anyways, because I live in Toronto, I cannot play in fields with my friends so I am forced to go to a place where I can play with other people, refs etc. I also know that you need to be 18+ to purchase an airsoft gun, but would I be able to use it despite my age? (My dad will buy the gun for me but I will pay). And where is a place that I can play? I've seen some pictures a while back of a place with buildings and rolling hills in the GTA area but I cannot remember the name now.
wait rereading here.. you have been playing paintball in fields (and not a paintball field, but a generic field)?? are you authorizied by the owners of the fields you have been playing in?

Be safe not just with yourself, but those you play with. If you are reckless with other peoples safety then you will leave.

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