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bean has gone through the same process as I had with the seller. He wasn't looking towards having to correct the problem but choose to ignore the situation. When it came to the refund part...he did ask me to ship everything back to him via Xpresspost and only when he agree' he will then pay me the refund. I said NO' and it took a few lenghty PM's after that for him to agree to do the refund before ship. Then it comes to the exciting part " He actually Threaten me by his exact word " I will do something to you ".
As for the Shipping Cost...It was also after a lenghty PM's to get it going, because the first few times...the questions was totally ignored. It's only when I say...It's gonna be posted in General for everyones opinion ' then he agreed.
Just to make it clear, The main reason why I decided to post this here instead of PM'ing back and forw...It's because of the threat that he made.
I have shipped out all the item that it came with in the box BACK!! Therefore don't try to tell me in later time something is missing or I didn't receive the package. I shipped > SIGNATURE REQ < all item re-check before packed and box re-tape in multilayer.
When I receive the package yesterday' I had shock , the way he packed the AEG, he used duct tape but didn't secure much of some corners, the AEG could have fallen out during the process of shipment' good thing that didn't happen coz I would have another problem facing the authority!!
All said...I got my money refunded' I send the package back insured and I'm done with this seller. We all make mistake and we all learned something goes on. There's always better deals elsewhere and better ASC members to dealt with
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