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NEWB Questions!!!

I am currently fifteen years of age and completely fed up with paintball. I cannot stand lobbing those balls and hoping to hit something. So I decided to look into the realm of airsoft. I went to a few sites ( etc) to look at gun prices and availability. I know about the troubles of bringing guns across the border into Canada so I am forced to purchase locally (I live in toronto).
At first I thought that the prices where very high, but after looking at the low cost of pellets and the benefits of no CO2 and then comparing that to the very high cost of paintballs and CO2 and gear, adding in the fact that paintball does not look as fun as airsoft, I realised that $400 is not too shabby for a realistic gun.
Anyways, because I live in Toronto, I cannot play in fields with my friends so I am forced to go to a place where I can play with other people, refs etc. I also know that you need to be 18+ to purchase an airsoft gun, but would I be able to use it despite my age? (My dad will buy the gun for me but I will pay). And where is a place that I can play? I've seen some pictures a while back of a place with buildings and rolling hills in the GTA area but I cannot remember the name now. Thanks
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