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Due to the fact that he did not refund me for shipping I will be shipping it cod to him. This has been a process that was not made well even after I informed him of the situation.
I have ordered well over 30-40 guns in the time I have been playing. Not once have I had a problem. People who buy guns from me know I describe them as they are and hide nothing. In light of the events I would never purchase from him again nor recommend anyone purchase from him again.
When I brought up the problems he did not apologize nor offer any help in fixing it just replied with "What you want". He originally expected me to ship the gun back to him and then get a refund. I said no I am not at fault you refund me and give me money to ship it back. He failed to give me the money to ship it back. I even gave him the offer of letting me bring it to my gun tech to assess it and see if anything is wrong do a partial refund and see how much it would cost to fix. I noticed the motor cage moved from side to side so I wanted to make sure if it could be fixed or if the mechbox was no good. I fired only twenty rounds from the gun due to a fear of damaging it. Negative feedback will be left within the next few days.

When shipped the package will include
1x gun
1x battery
1x mini to large batt converter
1x hicap
1x low cap

I believe that is all that was included I will check when I get home.
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