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Question on Refunds/Returns Shipping/ Assurance.

Update on Dispute sales /refunds and shipping.

Please Do Not Repost.
Follow ups on shipping update only.

Subjects : Refunds/Returns Shipping

I bought a TM M4 S SYSTEM from jimfsch
$350 plus $35 for shipping
Total : $385

Apparently there is some issue about the AEG that was send to me.

jimfsch asked to SEND the item back to him first before he would pay me.
I refused and I explained to jimfsch that he should refund me the total before the AEG would be send out and that I would post for opinion here if he disagree.

After a lenghty PM's back and Forw, jimfsch had refunded me the amount that I had paid him for the AEG via Paypal and EMT.
I received $385 in total for the refund.

Now , He wanted me to pay for shipping return ....which would most likely cost $35 or more,
I strongly advised him that he should pay for the return shipping cost.
He paid $35.

What's in Package :

1) Replica ACOG RDS scope - used good condition
2) Replica AN-PEQ battery box/with 1 batt inside. - used / rough condition
3) Vertical folding grip - used / cutted and rough shape
4) 2pc M4 mags - used / rough shape
5) The M4 itself - used in non proper working condition.

This will be monitored here until the package is delivered to his doorstep.

The reason why I'm posting this , Is to assure that the package and it's contains is delivered to jimfsch as said. As he had PM'ed earlier threatening me that he would do something if something is missing in the box

CONFIRMED : jimfsch made a full refund for the AEG including return shipping.
Oct22nd/07 1154pm PST.

I will shipped the PACKAGE OUT tomorrow OCT 23rd/2007 ....PENDING on $35 he paid for shipping if it's good for Xpresspost, it shall be ..if Not it will be Regular.
I will pay extra if I have to, for Signature upon receive and Insurance.
Shipping records will be posted here :

Tracking Number:

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