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I'd just like to add that the 7mm sets will NOT fit inside of Classic Army 7mm reinforced gearboxes. There is far too much "extra metal" in the rear of the gearbox, an area which is hollow in the TM boxes. The amount of labour it would take to mill/grind out the gearbox would not be such an issue, except for the fact that CA also decided to add extra material around the gears, too, including raised areas on the inner face of the gearbox shell. Without a way to plane flat the interior "channels" of extra material, (ie: a home mill), it's simply too much work to even consider worthwhile. It's less effort to buy a different set of gears, or a different gearbox shell.
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That was a very bad move on your behalf. Sort of like cutting off your foot for money, but not getting the money first and then letting the person with the money run away.
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