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Originally Posted by IRDBonko View Post
OK so here is what I know abot Importing Air guns to canada so fare you need a "movie prop liceance", a "Fire arms Liceance" getting mine soon hopefully!!!! Or and Or Follows this strict and highly hard list provided by google! Search "Importing airsoft to canada" It should be the one on the top the search list call Google anwsers click on it and it will bring up this list that clearly state this in short if it looks real and is black or color matches real gun no. Cuz it a replca Fire arm... only stuff that looks old like ww1 will get away with because its classic and this mean you don't fire it and it sit in a case at home;(... Umm the next is over 500 feet is mostly consider a Small hunting rifle like a pelet gun and this mean that it follows not only the firearms license but the Criminal Code As well... thankyou kids in Toronto for shooting people with pelet guns like 5-7 years ago... Next and this is the on that gets it in to the country, it has to be "clear" if it clear it obusly not a Replca, and it has to be under 500 fps or it considerd a small hunting rifle.. if these apply ,then it is classifed a "Kids Toy" for 18 and umm like that makes sence.... and there you gun is not held at custom or can be imported int the country Taduh follows these rules and that why there not shutdown yet and they are trying to find more and more clear rifles... now you want to loook really go to Canadian tire buy some black krellen paint and paint but becarefully because if you get cought you can be chargerd big time...

Warning i and not reponsible for the actions that you take by painting your rifles what you do is your chose! and is your own resonsiblitly!

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