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Greylocks, a lot of that is just bullshit and non-sense.

First, not only new players try to save a buck, just look at ALL the business Huang is getting for cheap products that do the job we need them too. Heck even some of the "Old" players are buying just to save $100 in gear, accessories etc etc. So that theory is out the window.

Second, making this site a "READ ONLY" site would pretty much kill the idea of it being a "Forum." Also, it would just make said persons go to another website where they CAN interact with people. ASC is only considered the "Hub" of airsoft due to the fact that it has so many people signing up too it. Remove the forum bit to it and it will all but die, seeing as there are SO many other forums out there just for the Canadian Market. And not to mention the "loop-holes" teens will jump to get "Out of Country Status" to by-pass age-verification. Making the system more complicated NEVER works out the kinks.

Third, its not your site, and frankly if the mods/admins/owners and so on did not heed your advice, why continue saying the same idea over and over for several years. Its not going to happen because forum admins don't want the forum to die. Kill the new members, kill the forums.

Fourth, Look how long it takes to get people age-verified JUST for classifieds, imagine multiplying that 10-20 fold, you want a full time job? Forget just trying to read every post, start trying to catch up on the people that are waiting to get age verified ((Yes, its a BIG back up, that's why you see a thread a day "Where is my verification!? ))

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