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meh, i dont think read only is the best way to go about it, anyone ever go on the stupid garys mod forums?

if not this is how it works, or so i believe it does (havnt been on it in a while)
you start out when you join with a certain level of intelligence points, everytime you say something retarded you lose some, and you need a certain amount of points to be able to post and even more to start a thread, so before you can start posting threads like crazy talking about MAKE MY MIND UP FOR ME, you are forced to make a few intelligent points prior.

(however the gmod forums do lower ur intelligence for impror grammer, effing soup nazis)

but im sure this system would require alot of work for the admins, and i dont think anyone not getting paid, should have to do that much work reading every post
(an appology to anyone who actually read my whole post)
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