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Originally Posted by bruce View Post
The mishap that happened, has nothing in common with this thread. The sky is not falling.

I would again like to thank WC7 for all his work. It was good to meet you and I would not have a problem to buy from you.
Thank you, Bruce. You are quite right that one thing has nothing to do with the other. However, in an attempt to end the speculation, I will make a brief statement. I will not answer any further questions about it after that.

My wife had a problem crossing the border. She brought commercial goods across the wrong bridge. She came across the Rainbow and commercial goods must make entry across the Q/L. There was a vast quantity of items that were seized while they inventoried them and verified whether or not any prohibited items were contained therein. One item was determined to be prohibited and was confiscated. A fine was assessed for that one item. Duty was paid on all the other items and the shipment was allowed in. End of story.

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