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Originally Posted by diamond_SEA View Post
bad idea, sadly, these noobs will become the next generation of airsofters (scary thought), and as much as we generally stick to shadows of society, promotion of the sport is needed to continue it. Discouragement will not accomplish anything. Every sport has to deal with annoying newbies, airsoft, paintball, r/c car building, stamp collecting, etc...

My suggestion: make the "new thread" button for age verified users. Then they gotta read and search.
What is wrong about read-only? That does force them to read, right? Same as the privilege to post like you mention?
Or are you saying newbies cant read at all?

The only reason this would not work would be if the person cant read. That begs to ask that if they cant read, what are they doing on the internet?

If you can read this site, you CAN find out the following; what to buy, where to buy it, age required, places to play, and lots of contacts/events to go get verified or learn more. I dont see a problem there, just a lot of advantages.
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