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I sent an email out to Robertson Arms, time to shut them down.

Dear Robertson Arms,

This is aZn_triXta07 from Airsoft Canada. I've spoken to Geoff already about this and I gave him a heads up about this. However I just got notice from Jeff Heiser about your email Greg and I just had to laugh and let you know that you are in NO position to be making demands.

1) You are selling replicas without a business firearms license, you need this if you're going to be retailing.
3) You ran a scam purchasing the guns from and tried passing them off as a Jing Gong.
4) Cut the crap, you've destroyed any chance of your 'Airsoft' generating any more future sales.

Anymore crap from your business, threats, ANYTHING. I will have you reported, the situation for airsoft is bad enough in Canada, we don't need kids like you ruining it for those who actually play. Greg you are 18, you can go to jail trust me, a criminal record will screw you over in terms of job employment later on in life.

So again, enough is enough. You're little so called airsoft business is OVER.
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