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This is an email Styrak received from Greg Archibald the prime owner of Robertson Arms, he's only about 18 or so which is funny. This email displays lack of communication with him and his partner and a load of bullsh!t.

Yes well, Jeff ,so I have heard that we have refunded your money and you are still wishing to keep your AEG that you have stolen from robertson arms. And while i do not think this is very fair, there is not much that we can do now.

Jeff, I would have hoped that you could send us my item back as we fully refunded your money. It was not our intention to screw you over, and actually the gun that was sold to you was my gun, not Geoff's. I did not list the add for sale, it was done through Geoff. I payed for the gun, went to the trouble of getting it through customs, went to pick it up at ups, bought spray paint, painted the gun over a 72 hour period properly. Went to great deal of trouble overall to get this damn thing.

I would have not have created the false add, the AIM plastic M4-A1 as it was, poorly and incorrectly listed. I was not told what exactly it was being listed as, that again was my business partner with the poor spelling.

If your still reading at this point, I would hope that you may have some sympathy for my situation, and yes I agree with you that you were given the wrong product, but I was not trying to screw you over or commit "mail fraud" as you put it. The bottom line is that jeff, it's my gun that your keeping, I had my gun sold for me not knowing the conditions as i received only $200 for the gun. Ironically I bought that gun with my birthday money, Geoff doesn't need this gun back but I do badly!

It's a really bitch move not sending it back after we refunded your money quickly, as we could have screwed you over and kept your money, but we didn't and didn't even charge a restocking fee like other companies do.

Well Jeff Heiser, do what you think is right, if Geoff screwed you over so badly then keep my gun, thats just what you get for having bad business partners but I did have good intentions.

I really don't wish to bother you anymore, but losing 200 dollars is a lot of money. I'm suggesting that you send me my gun back as it was not directly my fault and make this matter straight.
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