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Still compare my $60 SIR mailorder tacvest to my 204 tactical plate carrier... there is almost no comparison.
Try comparing both of those to Tactical Assault Gear, High Speed Gear, Eagle etc.

A lack of awarness about what is out there and how much the quality differs.

At one event I have an "EAGLE" CIRAS (I put that in quotation because I see lots of guys advertising that they want one or have one for sale for $150 and don't even bother to add that it's a "REPLICA", not that knowledgable buyers wouldn't know by the price)...anyway, I had one on display and I had someone come over who was very familiar with the Phantom replicas. Well the drool coming out of his mouth was quite a bit and he said something like "No wonder it costs so much, it is amazing, it's way beyond the replica"

Until you get your hands on all levels of gear, equipment etc then people will make up their mind on price alone.

For some it comes down to trying something new and they don't want to drop a fortune on something they might not stick with.

It also depends on what their buddies recomended, "Oh I bought such and such at this place and it's the sh%$"

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