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Originally Posted by Greylocks View Post
Very simple; newbies dont read anything, specially NOT the Newbie Guide or the Information section.
When they do, and when they are under 18, they try to find every possible loophole. Then they get pissy about it, cry about maturity, etc.

We see that almost every day, it never stops.

The only solution would be to lock these forums to a Read Only status until age-verified (with options for out of country members). Then they would have no choice but to read and learn.
bad idea, sadly, these noobs will become the next generation of airsofters (scary thought), and as much as we generally stick to shadows of society, promotion of the sport is needed to continue it. Discouragement will not accomplish anything. Every sport has to deal with annoying newbies, airsoft, paintball, r/c car building, stamp collecting, etc...

My suggestion: make the "new thread" button for age verified users. Then they gotta read and search.
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your right,when it rains the burger joint across the street does have cats for 4.99$ but that doesnt mean that i can just go get all the grape jelly i want
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