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Originally Posted by Hungryman View Post
I dont think that teens should not have airsoft guns in particular. it should depend on if they are responsible or not. I am 16 and i am looking into getting an airsoft gun soon. I know 4 or 5 people under 18 that have them in my town to and we are the local airsoft group. we dont have a proper field so we play in the bush away from people and houses. but when people do enter the field all activity is halted. and we are VERY careful. I would love to have a 30 gun collection but i dont have the money. we also travel to go play at other fields with other clubs as much as we can. I am disheartend when i hear "teens should never touch airsoft guns" because i love to play it and i will continue playing it. if you have a problem solve it by getting me on the field.
Please dont do that, and please understand why we say you should wait until you are 18. This has been discussed to death, just read about it.
If you are responsible, then you are also mature enough to understand the principle of legal responsibility, accept it and follow it.
There ARE ways you can play if you are under 18, and that varies from province to province. Just stay within those requirements.
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