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cheap gear is a quick fix to a large problem, and largely kicks you in the ass in the end. Still compare my $60 SIR mailorder tacvest to my 204 tactical plate carrier... there is almost no comparison.

I find it stems from my paintball/clearsoft generation.

1) what gear is there in paintball besides a crude vest to hold paintballs.
2) when your running about of 2 vs2 with springer clearsoft, a ziplock bag of bbs was sufficient.
3) have you ever tried to find extra mags for some clearsoft?? its impossible!

really, until you get out there into the fight, the need for quality gear isnt apparent to some beginners
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your right,when it rains the burger joint across the street does have cats for 4.99$ but that doesnt mean that i can just go get all the grape jelly i want
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