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Well personally I believe its just the lack of peoples research. If you look around the world, airsoft actually is not that expensive of a sport. A majority of the people who cheap out and then complain about airsoft being expensive also forget that we have a very limited market in Canada due to only 2 viable importers and the nature of airsoft itself in Canada. If people actually did their reseach they would understand that more often than not those prices are justified.

But well why do some people wear agent provocateur underwear? why do people wear armani underwear? Why do some people wear Joe Boxer? Why do some people wear dollar store tighty whities? Everyones gotta do what they can with in there means I guess, and well if thats not a good enough answer, some people are just cheap assholes.

Me? I like my agent provocateur....

"Its only a little bit on fire"

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