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I represent for ASC. The guns that were re-painted clear airsoft are used guns. We currently sell some re-painted clear airsoft guns (that are used) and some other originally black Airsoft guns. However we will be stocking Clear Airsoft guns in the future (and listing them as such.), but our main priority as a company is to have the cheapest high quallity Airsoft magazines in Canada. I have already explained the issues to styrak about his order of the M4A1, and they shouldn't necessarily concern other ASC members. As for the issue to our large spelling errors, our former website ( was not maintained while our real website was in development, we had not paid enough attention to the product pages/titles. Presently there are not any spelling errors on, and no lack of details (No guns will be mislabeled) We are not responsible for damages to Styrak's AEG, as he is receiving a full re-fund for his AEG and any damages to his AEG were a result of his responsibility to look after his gun... not ours.
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What tom foolery is this? Someone fetch me my pantaloons so that I can get to the bottom of these shananigans!
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