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He said they would permit airsoft guns into Canada if the following conditions were met:

1) must shoot under 500 FPS.
2) must have a plastic body
3) must not have any trademarks that match a manufacturer of real firearms
4) must be able to demonstrate that the magazine could not be capable of being used to load real ammunition
5) must have a orange muzzle tip
6) must be declared at the border and a 15% duty paid
7) must be transported in the trunk of the vehicle

He also indicated, indirectly, that the attitude, appearance and "air of responsibility" of the person crossing the border would play a factor.

Has anyone tried this one yet? Was this laid down by a senior customs officer so that it could stand up if they choose to use this definition that is and not just some rookie who doesn't know the full laws? If this is all you have to do that isn't too much to ask. And like was said earlier you can do whatever to it once it's over the boarder, though having trademarks isn't really a big issue to me.

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