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Robertson Arms ( Review

Recently I just purchased, what was listed as a JG M4A1 from this for $260

Upon receiving my purchase I discovered that it was NOT a JG M4 but rather a CLEAR AIM M4A1 of which you can purchase from U.S. Retailers such as or for only $99 USD before customs + shipping and all that shidazzle.

Even more interesting was that the AEG was PAINTED black. I was not told this. It also was listed as having a metal barrel, etc, but is mostly plastic. Upon discovering this I demanded a refund. This is still in progress.

Here's links to the AEGs in stock, turns out they are ALL CLEAR AEGs from Team SD, US Distributor for Airsoft

The M4 they have for sale is the AIM CLEAR M4 - available @ BlazingToys/Evike for $99USD
The MP5 they have for sale is (I assume, from what aZn_triXta07 tells me) a CLEAR WELL MP5A5

To their defense, they were very professional in their communications, and I don't see any problems with getting my refund from these guys, but it was just bad. They gave me the reason for the problems as that they are just starting out business and incorrectly listed the gun as a JG.

Also, they listed it as coming with a 9.2v battery (which don't exist), so I just assumed it was coming with a 9.6v battery. It came with an 8.4v.

However, because of this all, they get a big whopping neutral from me.

One of the two running this "company" is Dicey on the boards.

Update: He recently contacted me in a PM, saying he would let me keep the gun AND refund my money, which I thought was very nice, and professional of him, given the situation. My rating of them has now changed to pretty much a positive, even though I didn't get a JG.

Update 2: Got the refund.

Airsoft Sales and Repair/Upgrade Services

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