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Quote: Police also found about 30 air-powered guns,

I don't think this is a huge issue besides the fact that the guy is a bit young.

Quote: The weapons included a 9mm assault rifle that the teenager's mother had recently bought for him,

However this is a major issue and should be addressed, but putting a child in jail will not do anything to resolve the problem.

It's a sad state of affairs to think that I cant get an air soft gun because of stupid import laws and closed minded people, but a child who does not know any better than what their parents teach them or don't teach them can be handed a real firearm and toled hear you go have fun just use your better judgement.
Must be one of those cases of "do as I say not as I do" because if the parent makes a choice like to give a child a deadly weapon I could only imagine the logic, reasoning and values that have been instilled in said child.
I have to feel sorry for the kid even if he is or was on the road to becoming a nut case should the parents not be the first to notice something amiss in the behaviors of their child and and want to do something about it?

That being said I'm not a smart guy or a parent but this seems like a case of "under parenting" and the mother should be in the adjacent cell as her actions are unacceptable.
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