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Well, it's not so much about it affecting us as the way this is being treated.

They're laying out AIRSOFT GUNS for the media on a table in the D.A.'s office the way they do real weapons when they take down Hell's Angels, and trying to make it like he was some kind of mega terrorist. They KNOW this being in the media will shape the general public's opinion, because John Q. Public will just see "evil assault rifles" and will never know (or care) that they weren't real.

That's just setting the kid up for crucifixion, and that's not how an impartial legal system should be run.

There are real, serious crimes being committed out there, but instead this asswipe D.A. is trying to set up his career's opus magnum by inflating what is, at this point, little more than an alleged plot, with all sorts of quasi-trumped up charges and by vilifying this kid in the public eye.

Was this kid misguided and maybe doing some really boneheaded stuff? Sure. But trying to make him into some supervillain by displaying his massive arsenal of toy guns is just as retarded.
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