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High Cap and folded Stock = tag with bbs

There is a correlation between the use of High Capacity magazines and the reliance upon volume of fire to achieve results.

This is often coupled with poor weapon handling.. and in general low combative stills.

Although there are exceptions, in which people who are skilled resort to highcaps and hosing.. in order to compete against hords of poorly skilled players.

Often times I will see a player running around with his stock folded... the tell tale "shaka shaka" of a highcap apparent... firing 6 second bursts...each one the equivilant of 3.5 realcap magazines...
For him... the airsoft gun is just a BB delivery device.. to be used in his silly game of "tag with BBs "

It is doubtless that the highcap user has his measure of fun... but it is not the kind of fun I enjoy....and so when such players invade a more structured game... they simply ruin it as surely as a player who refuses to akcnowledge hits ruins a game and sours the experiance for everyone.

it is for this reason alone that highcap magazines are banned at both of my establishments... and I don't care if thats all you have... that is all you have because that is all you want... and so that alone is enough to exclude you as a player I want anywhere near my establishments.
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