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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
As long as he doesn't use shitty ammo and he cleans his inner barrel every once in a while, his tightbore won't jam at all. Literally, tightbores jamming is a partial myth. Think about the fact that the BEST of the best BBs out there measure in around 5.96mm, he'll still have 0.05mm clearance. I've argued with stubborn people about this myth, and if yo usearched the entire ASC forum for "tightbore jamming" you'll find a half dozen or so threads that have that in it, and largely it's people asking about a tightbore that won't jam, or people saying they have a tightbore and it hasn't jammed. Aka: Tightbores don't jam when maintained by minimum maintainance standards. If it's not maintained at all................

BTW, 99% of jams are because the hop up rubber not being maintained, it's not because of the tightbore (unless it's sand, bad maintainance regime, or shitty ammo like Walmart 0.12g BBs. Ok, we've found some BB Bastard BBs that look like brains, but if you check your ammo after you buy it for defects........)

Nutshell, tightbores don't jam. BBs and shit in tightbores jams.
I've had my 6.02 tight bore jam on Metaltechs, Flying colors and once on KSC perfects...

If you're getting a 6.01 barrel.. Make damn well sure it's from a company that can make one that's perfectly straight... With 6.01 if you have a slight imperfection in the straightness of the barrel things will jam..
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