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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
1. i have only found metal bbs that are heavier than .3. where can i find bbs that are heavier than .3 that are not aluminum or graphite coated?
Only metal BBs I've seen for sale anywhere (ok, besides the 0.88g steel BBs)are solid aluminum, and have only seen one weight for them, 0.29g. All others are graphite coated plastic compound. Best to wash the graphite off using cola for 20mins, then in a wool sock in numerous cycles of the washing machine with other clothes, rubbing the sock between washes, test random BBs on light coloured cloth by rubbing to see if any grey marks remain;

Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
2. are the KSC perfect bbs suitable to use in a 6.01mm TB inner barrel?

The thing is, if i cant find anything heavier than the .3, i will just use that weight as the seem to have more advantages than the .28s. Its too bad BB bastard doesn't sell anything higher than .28 (Are BB bastard BB's suitable to use in a 6.01 TB inner barrel?)
I haven't read anything bad about those KSC BBs, go for them. My experience, the more precise the BB only matters within say 100ft, after that hop up, varying airpressure and side wind makes precision BBs act like shitting Straights, the go where they want to. You just point and fire the BB, after 100ft Mother Nature and physics takes over and decides a kill or not. After that, it's up to the player to give you the kill or not (sucks being a sniper sometimes, seen BBs bounce off guys, they ignore and keep firing................ I've made it a point that every BB I hit a guy with is a kill count number for me, doesn't matter if he doesn't call it, just shoot him again and add to your kill count. Your job as a sniper is to plant a BB on a guy, that is it, a kill for you if you witness it. Great fun later to approach the guy around his friends/teammates and say "Man, it was awesome sniping you with 3 BBs, thanks for the kills!" and see if he says "I didn't get hit, what are you talking about?" then say, "Ya, I pegged you in the right mag pouch on your chest twice then once in the stomach from 150ft away, saw every one, heard them too, but you didn't call hit at all even though you looked down to where they hit each time, they were still kills for me regardless." and watch him shrink into nothingness around his peers.

Ya, it sucks to shoot someone and not be able to yell at them they are hit without exposing where your location is. And yes, the above is my experience, fuck the bastards later on.
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