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So approximately how much would fps more would a KSC Glock Full Tune Up Kit
give me for a KSC Glock 23F (HW). It's suppose to shoot about 300-330 fps stock.

Oh yeah here's the kit:

-High flow valve
-Stronger recoil spring
-Metal recoil guide rod ( silver color )
-Stronger hammer spring
-Metal gas regulator ( About half way down the page under Short Arms )
Originally Posted by Forever_kaos
Buy her flowers, say I'm sorry to hear your dog/cat died last night...
she asks - What you talking about?
you say - I herd something wailing like crazy
Might piss her off but the flowers will be nice...

Originally Posted by Penguin View Post
I miss the days where someone would say "I am so depressed, I'm going to kill myself"
and 12 consecutive posters would basically say "do it, and stop wasting our time".

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