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Review: Jing Gong/Echo-1 MP5K PDW

Over the weekend, a friend brought over his newly acquired Echo-1 MP5K PDW for me to check out. We both own TM MP5Ks and was wondering how the Echo-1 would stack up. Externally besides triangle E1 trades, it looks identical to a TM MP5K. About the only thing I noticed was that the bullets for the fire selector donít look quite as well defined as on a TM but I know Iím being picky there. Some of the pictures are clickable for higher res versions.

Anyway the gun comes with a wall battery charger, an 8.4V 1100mAh NiMH battery, a low profile metal scope mount (installed backwards from the factory), some BBs, manuals, a short 20rd low cap mag and a long metal hi cap mag so youíre ready to go if youíre a novice or new player. The QD flash hider and smaller flash hider are painted neon orange as required by US law but not necessary here in Canada.

I forgot to weigh the gun but itís approximately the same weight as my TM MP5K and size wise the gun is the same. The PDW stock fit my TM just fine, it looked so good I didnít want to give it back. Parts from my TM MP5K and the Echo-1 MP5K PDW were cross compatible, from mags to batteries and that awesome stock. Note, with the Echo-1 it was quite difficult to install the 8.4V stick battery because the stopper rail on top of the mechbox was bent awkwardly and brushing/scraping against the battery.

The gun is extremely loud when firing but Iíll be honest I had my doubts in terms of what the BB velocity would be after all the difficulty I had when trying to upgrade my TM MP5K. I loaded a low cap full of 0.2g BBs and let err rip. To my surprise according to my Guarder Speeder 2000 chrony, the gun was firing 340 fps out of the box! Shots varied a bit more than I would have liked between 330-340 on average but thatís rather impressive from a gun thatís so inexpensive.

Of course I canít leave well enough alone so I decided to take the gun apart and take a peek inside. Tear down is exactly the same as with a TM MP5K and after removing the motor, I was greeted by this thick sticky paste that was plastered all over the motor. The mechbox at least from the outside looks like well a MP5K ver 3 mechbox.

Like with the JG G36C I reviewed earlier, the Echo-1 MP5K is full of sharp edges everywhere and if youíre not careful you can cut yourself quite easily. Definitely use caution when working inside this gun.

Here is how the mechbox looks when opened up and hereís a breakdown of all the major internal components. Echo-1 uses metal bushings, metal gears (which are not marked CA but weight wise are heavier than TM gears), plastic spring guide, plastic piston, plastic ventilated piston head. Echo-1 is suppose to have regreased the internals (and cleaned up the mess JG makes) however the gears had the smallest film of sticky green substance on it. I wonít call it a grease because at room temperature anyway the residue was almost a semisolid. I donít know if other Echo-1 guns are like this, the MP5K PDW is the first of this brand that Iíve seen.

Unlike with the JG G36C there were no major problems internally with the electrical system or externally with the Echo-1 MP5K PDW. I cannot comment on its durability because itís a brand new gun. Hopefully the thing will be as problem free as the JG G36C that I looked at earlier in the year. My friend who bought this gun is hard on his toys and always gives me the most ďinterestingĒ problems to diagnose. If there are any failures, I will update the review accordingly.

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