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Originally Posted by Yuxi View Post
And you are what? Crystal clear as to legal status of importing and retailing of airsoft?

If he is afraid to sell them, so what? Does it hurt you? The mans livelihood is on the line. Do you think he rather not sell airsoft products and make more money? The man is clearly afraid to, hence him doing what he did.

He is one of the most honest surplus store owners I have ever met, and though his prices are not always the 'best', he has never tried to mislead me in what he sells, even to the point of discouraging me from buying items he felt were not of good enough quality for me to use.

So what gives you the god damn mother-fucking right to talk down on him like he is a fucking fool you punk ass newb?
Basically all he does is tell me that airsoft is now totally illgeal. He's having trouble getting BBs into the country. I'm not even going to question his honesty, considering that he always insists that everything came in just yesterday/2 hours ago. If you ask my team they can vouch for similar expericnes. He has misled me many times and has said that buying off ASC is super risky and more expensive than buying off him. The fact that he thinks charging $40 for a stock TM spur gear that he got left over from a few years ago baffles me.

Finally if you have issues with me Please do it through PM.
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