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Rumpel Felt,

Seriously man, pick a side. You keep beating around the bush, not quite committing to one side or the other. Do you like Hicaps or not? I'm tired of your double speak and innuendo. Decide for once and stick to it!

How is a statement like "Nothing I hate more than hicaps" supposed to let us know how you feel?

Saying "if your excuse for using hicaps is "it's easier", get the fuck out of airsoft!." doesnít make it any more clear for me either.

Once you decide to stop fence sitting let us all know.

Personally I donít care if you use highcaps, midcaps, lowcaps, realcaps or a loading tube as a blow gun. It is how one uses the above and how they play that makes the difference between a fun and crap day for me.
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