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Originally Posted by dodger_me View Post
He is just trying to raise his post count
And you're not?

Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Sometimes called Treaty Cards. They issue them to those classified as Native, including many who are barely native (grandfather was, sort of thing). They allow you GST-exemption status, or other things like free post-secondary education, special hunting rights, and other treaty-specific things not always available to other bands.

I have a dozen+ reserves within an hour of me.

I might add that I am Métis and even carry my Métis card. At the border I was informed that even if I am a registered Métis person, I have ZERO rights other than being a Canadian citizen, you must be a full legal registered blood-line Indian to have exemptions, even though it says on the back of my card that I have the right to cross the 49th parallel unrestricted.
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