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a stop at a surplus/paintball shop in Stkitts.

so i stopped by a place in st catherines that i used to go to for gear..
lets just call it ZMD paintball.
the owner, would NOT shut up about how airsoft is illegal, and hes so against it, but a lot of his customers are in all the time ordering stuff like camo and vests, etc..
so i decide to look around the tiny store...
wouldnt you know it, hes got those semi decent 'airsoft' guns that have tan grips and heat shields (cant remember the company name, been up for almost 39 hours straight now)

so i asked him, why, if airsoft IS illegal, how he would have managed to get the 3 on his wall.
he started getting pretty pissed off, untill i showed some interest in spending some money on some new kneepads.

he went on for a good 20 minutes about 'those airsoft feilds that everyone goes to dont have proper insurance' and so on, he knew this because he had supposedly tried to host airsoft games at his paintball field and his insurance company warned him if he did, ,it would no longer be covered..
and about how airsoft is screwing milsim paintball over because of the simularities in weapons.

he then showed me a catalog of airsoft i guess he had ordered from the US and it got seized and he lost a rather large chunk of cash..

im taking it this is why he doesnt like airsoft, but what i wanted to know, is if any of what he said may possibly be true? because id feel like an idiot if i somewhat tried to stand up for airsoft, not knowing much about how fields are run, etc..
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